Better Skin Zit No More Duo + Free Travel Size Mirakle Cream

Better Skin Zit No More Duo + Free Travel Size Mirakle Cream


Better Skin Zit No More Duo + Free Travel Size Mirakle Cream

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It works truly like magic. I had a hugeeeeee zit on my forehead. It was a pain in the butt and was giving me such a headache. I applied some and by the end of the day it was slowly getting better. I think it was the tea tree oil ingredient that helps it. This stuff really works and recommend to anyone that gets zits like me!!!

Perfect remedy for a break out!

This was the perfect remedy for a breakout. It's easy to roll on and it smells like tea tree oil. The packaging is nice too because you can carry it anywhere. Will definitely keep using it!

HG Product

The clear formula smells of relaxing tea tree oil as it absorbs quickly into the skin and can be worn under makeup.
Well I don't have acne prone skin but sometimes they seem to say hi to me.. This one comes to my rescue then!!

What you will love about it,
Works Fast
Absorbs quickly
Starts drying out the blemishes quickly
Skin doesn't dry out

It works good for me :)

Best Spot Treatment

One of the best spot treatments I've used. I would apply this on at night and the my blemish/pimple would either come to the top very quickly or disappear. Depending on blemish it would be gone in 1-3 days. The tea tree oil is a bit strong but didn't really bother me much. Also very easy to apply. Just roll on and it dries on the skin quickly. No need to have colored dots on your face. I didn't experience any drying. Very effective & one of the best I've tried.

Skin care products

I really like the smell and feeling of the scrub, however it stains my sink and leaves a film that I have to clean each time. The lotion is very nice and lasts a long time! I also really like the smell of the zip zapper.