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SUPER exfoliating mask!

I've used this product as both a cleanser and a mask, and it really does serve both purposes perfectly! A little goes a very long way, this product gets the job done with a dime-sized amount of product! This is definitely my new go-to exfoliator!

LOVE this product!

This is the perfect little skincare secret! It comes in a super convenient rollerball, and the tea tree oil quickly penetrates breakouts and helps clear up your skin quick. I love it!

Love it!!!

I received the Mirakle Cream in late September and I LOVE it!! It keeps my skin hydrated but never breaks me out! It works great under makeup and my clients (I'm a pro makeup artist) love it as well! They've actually bought it so they can keep using it too!


Absolutely OBSESSED with all of the products I've recived. Especially the Mirakle Cream!! The results I've been seeing in myself, my clients, and especially the photos of the editorials I've worked when using the cream, is unreal. I'm so in love!! Will be sending over pics soon!! Xoxo -Alex Flores {Elegance By Alex}

Great scrub and face wash!

This mask works great as a face wash and scrub, I use 2-3 times a week when my skin needs a little extra exfoliating. However, I don't use it as a mask because it leaves my skin stained pink. Would recommend if you want a good quality scrub that isn't too harsh on sentive skin!

AMAZING! So hydrating and calming!

I. Love. This. Product!!! This is my holy grail cream that keeps my skin looking on point and super glowy 24/7! This cream is the perfect mix between hydrating and toning, and has totally helped me on my perfect skin journey! Love this stuff!!!

Really is a Miracle Workers!

This is the first cream that I have used that really give your skin all over the repair. It helped even my skin tone and reduce my fine lines within just a few days. Plus, it is lightweight making it perfect for day and night use and doesn't cause me to break out. I highly recommend and I will definitely be purchasing again!

Fall Set
Great product!

Great product

Best Products I've Ever Used!

I haven't tried out too many different kinds of products for my face, but I have gone through a bunch of different types of face washes and a good amount of face creams and the Mirakle Cream is by far my favorite product. The first time I used it was right after my shower and I had just used the Lava Mask and it felt so light and refreshing unlike other products I've used that felt thick and heavy on my face. It has been slowly but surely improving my skin ever since I started using it and I plan on continuing to use this product! I love it!! Highly recommend

I love this product

Mirakle Cream is just the best. I love this moisturizer so much, and recommend it to all my friends.
It is food for the skin. Its perfect!

Loving the new Zit No More product!

I'm surprised at my "advanced" age that I would still be buying such a product, but for those flare ups, it's been a great product. It doesn't over dry my skin, nor leave a trace, so can use in the daytime...and smells great! Since I've been using the product, I've seen an over all reduction in breakouts as well, which is awesome. I'm also not mad that my son is stealing it to use too! Just need to order him his own...on my next order.


I have acne problems. This is the only thing that will clear my face up in a couple of days. Will be repurchasing again and again.


The BEST!!

Best Lotion Ever.

I received a sample of the Mirakle Skin Cream in a monthly subscription box and this is the only lotion I’ve used ever since. It really is a miracle and makes my skin so smooth and hydrated. I have combination skin and I have never seen such an improvement as when I started using this product.

Best product

My skins has never been better


Good skin product


I've been working and traveling lately which of course comes accompanied by a high level of STRESS which equals = BREAKOUTS. Needless to say I had two visitors on my chin and forehead, I rolled over some of this beauty and in a few hours they were practically GONE!!! Not only does this stuff actually work, it smells amazing, I want to use it zit or no zit as I know the essential oils have many more benefits then accounted for and the aroma coming from them also makes me feel awake and refreshed. Can't stop raving about this product! I should also mention I have sensitive skin / eczema and this did not dry my skin out not even a little!

great product!

I had reconstructive and since have had issues with moisturizers and face creams doing the opposite of their claim.. since using Mirakle cream, my skin tone is bright and even, the combination dry/ oily skin are gone and the scarring is now barely noticable. Thank you!!

Wonderful product!

A little goes a long way, my skin is so much healthier!!!

Refreshingly EAsy

I got an instant refreshing feeling in my skin. I don't follow multi step applications of creams and cosmetics. With this cream only my skin feels refreshed and softer. Also, I am very sensitive and I did not have any adverse reaction with this cream, not even my eyes felt irritated. Really glad I found this "one step only" treatment.

Very potent

I have very sensitive skin, so even if I just put a very thin layer on, it still produces a chemical-like burn on the area.

Its ok

While it seems to do a good job moisturizing, i dont see any improvements in my skin. I am gonna keep using until the jar is empty. Maybe i need to use it for a longer period of time to start seeing visible results. Any suggestions how long it takes to start seeing visible improvements to skin? i have been using it twice a day for almost a month.

Do creams get any Better than Better?

Really like this cream, my skin feels great looks great and smells lovely, have purchased my next cream already thank you


Its amazing


Better Skin Lava Magik: Cleanser - Scrub - Mask

Mirakle is a miracle

I love this product. I truly believe I can see improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. My skin feels tighter and smoother. I also use it on my hands and arms. I love it.

not that great

no smell, which I like. the moisture it gives my skin doesn't last long. didn't notice any difference in my skin. would not buy again.

Love this!

I have been using the Mirakle Cream for about 6 months now and I have been wanting to try this for a while. I love this as much as i love the face lotion! I have not had a breakout since using this and it has been about 2 weeks! I recommend this to anyone!


Better Skin Mirakle Cream


Better Skin Lava Magik: Cleanser - Scrub - Mask

Love this!

I keep this in the shower and use it as a gentle scrub a few times a week. It's not harsh, and it does a nice job of exfoliating without irritating. I'm working on using my travel-size jar right now and would definitely purchase a larger jar!

Just Okay

I've been using the produce for a couple months now. I feel like it hydrates well & my skin feels a tad firmer. I won't be purchasing more or continue to use it though. I'm 32 years old & have never had any issues with ache. I've been getting several break out since I started using this. I stopped using the product & not to my surprise, no break outs after a week of not using it. Not worth it.

This truly is Amazing stuff

I just started using this cream and it really is a Mirakle cream! I am in love love love with this and the cleanser. I worked for a great makeup company for 15 yrs and we did not have products like this. I'm throwing all my other stuff out and becoming a loyal customer. Thank you Murphy and Natalya for your fountain of youth little secrets :)


The Magik mask works wonders! It nit only smells great it is the only product that has cleared my face and has made my complexion smooth and healthy looking!!! Love this product!!

Love it!

So happy to have found this amazing moisturizer! Feels wonderful and has improved look and feel of my skin.

Best I have tried

This product is very good. It makes my skin soft not puffy. I use it before makeup and last thing at night. They would have to come up with something much better for me to switch because this stuff is really good. I put it around my eyes and the wrinkles goes away. I have used many creams and this by far is the best in a real long time. Actually in years. I am 61 yrs old.

Fall Set
Love them both!

I love how the cream feels on my face! A little goes a long way. With the scrub/mask it makes me face feel so clean!

Gentle and Effective

I have tried many facial scrubs in my day and I have never been one for using them on a daily basis. However, Lava Magik is gentle and I am able to use it everyday. I love how it makes my skin feel clean and soft. It's a perfect way to prep my skin for Mirakle Cream. It's definitely my favorite facial scrub ever!

Lava Magik ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Definitely the best facial scrub I've ever used!!!

My number one

I've tried everything. Mario Badescu's drying lotion, Kate Somerville's eradikate, and they work about 50/50 which was the most I could get at the time but they could only be used at night which wasn't so helpful when I woke up with a new zit. But this Zit No More does exactly what it says and works mirakles ! And it's magik. I can use it whenever I feel like my blemishes can use a bit of calming down and it does the job well. And nobody can tell that I have a zit product on. That's why I bought 3. I highly recommend and it's very worth it


Best facial cream I have invested in to date - I have been looking for the perfect cream for years and I may have just found the one!!!

Amazing "Mirakle" Worker

I must admit, I was a bit hesitant when i was purchasing this product at BeautyCon Los Angeles, hesitant because I have tried everything under the sun for acne, as a teenager, my acne was sever, and I would pick at my face which resulted in acne scaring. I purchased this item, asked a lot of questions first, every single one of my questions was answered, and not once did the answers sound like a commercial where they just try to sell. This product has cleared, every single one of my breakouts, there has been one or two stubborn breakout, I just kept applying on those stubborn breakouts, by the third day those were gone, most breakout shrunk in size, literally hours after applying the product. I am so happy, and really brag about it to people who ask about my skin. No joke, after the second week of noticing breakouts had stopped (I also apply it as a mask at night before bed) I am so happy, and beyond grateful to have found such an amazing product. BUY IT! IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Treat and Repair Travel Kit w/ Mirror (.25 fl. OZ) (FREE)
Wonderful Products

I really like the Mirakle Cream. It has made such a positive difference in my post-menopausal skin changes which is why I ordered it a second time around. I have now had the opportunity to try the Lava Magik and it cleanses without that tight dry feeling I got from other scrub masks. These two products are now my Dynamic Duo in facial care. Your company also has top notch customer service. Thank you for such wonderful natural products. Mary Bradigan

Best cream in a jar

This is the BEST moisturizer I have ever tried. I am 47 and have tried a bunch of serums and creams and have never received more compliments on my skin since I started using the Mirakle cream. My skin has never been so soft and radiant. Truly a mirakle in a jar!

Treat and Repair Travel Kit w/ Mirror (.25 fl. OZ) (FREE)
Great Products!

Love the Mirakle Cream which I have been using & really like the Lava Magic Cleanser scrub Mask! It has a wonderful fresh orange fragrance & makes my skin feel super smooth. Excellent products!

The best cream that I have used.

I have stopped using my regular products because I get so much more out of the Mirakle Cream.

My new favorite scrub

A must have in my skincare regime! Leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.

Best Cleanser EVER!!!

This stuff is truly fantastic! I have tried a ton of cleansers from dozens of brands, and this is far and away my favorite. I think the biggest thing that I have noticed is clearing out really problematic blackheads on my chin and the sides of my nostrils. They're really tiny, but bug the heck out of me. I've tried a bunch of charcoal cleansers, Biore strips and scrubs, peel-off masks, and extraction tools without any real success. This cleanser has helped a lot with those problem areas, and has helped with my complexion overall. My face feels sooooo much smoother - just using this and a konjac sponge works a dozen times better than a Clarisonic. Honestly, when I use this at home as a mask and then take a shower and follow up with the Mirakle cream, my face feels and looks better, fresher, and smoother than after most professional facials that I've gotten. It definitely tingles on my skin when I first apply it, but I actually LOVE that feeling - it isn't painful by any means (unlike certain peel-off masks) and it just kind of feels like it is actually DOING something. Really love using this along with the Mirakle cream - the one night that I skipped this cleanser and just applied the cream, it didn't work as well. Both products really work wonders as a pair!


I was extremely skeptical about this, because in 24 years of life I have NEVER been able to find a lotion, sun screen, or moisturizer that didn't irritate my skin or cause a breakout. I've even tried expensive custom formulas from dermatologists, to no avail. But my skin always feels so dry and tight, so I've been desperate for something, ANYTHING that will work. Plus, it had to be vegetarian and cruelty-free, and preferably all-natural. I have been absolutely amazed, beyond amazed, at what this has done for my skin in the short time that I have been using it. I work outside on a farm, so I wasn't expecting a miracle at all - I just wanted something that would relieve my skin's awful dryness from being in dust, sun, and wind constantly (plus, like I said, it tends to be naturally dry) without causing a terrible breakout or rash. It has done that and SO much more! My skin feels velvety soft, and my notoriously fickle, speckled complexion has noticeably evened out. It is not greasy, and totally non-comedogenic (a lot of creams claim to be, but have still clogged my pores). Perhaps best of all, it actually has helped a TON with the dark bags/circles under my eyes. I cannot understate what a problem that has been for me since I was in my pre-teens - it literally looks like I have two black eyes most of the time. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has ever really helped and I've tried every dark circle treatment out there - creams, serums, concealer, tea bags, milk thistle, a bunch of vitamins and supplements that claim to fix the problem from within. Absolutely amazed that the circles have diminished in size and darkness sooooo much in such a short period of time! You also don't have to use a lot at all, so you get a TON of bang for your buck. Oh, and I realized that I didn't get my usual "time of the month" breakout since I've been using this and the Lava Magik cleanser, and that's something that I've just accepted as a part of life since I was like 13. Totally amazed!!!

Summer Loving Set ($112 Value)

The cleanser and cream work so well together and have made a noticeable, positive difference in my skin in only a few short days. I'm blown away. Better tone, less discoloration, fewer noticeable fine lines... it's incredible. I'm 47 (soon to be 48), and have combination skin. In all the years I've been using cosmetics, I've never found a face cream that I could wear under my makeup. Literally never. Until now. To have one product that is a day cream and a night cream in one is amazing. And having 3 ways to use one cleanser is incredible as well. In fact, these products work so well, I'd love to have larger sizes--to use the scrub as a body scrub and the cream as a body cream! You've found a loyal customer here, and I'll continue to count on The Better Skin Co. to help me have great skin. I'm telling all my friends!