Summer Adventures with Better Skin Co

Summer Adventures with Better Skin Co

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Summer is here, and with some extra precautions on the list- one can still have some socially responsible adventures under the sun, and luckily for me, I have my trusted @betterskinco favorite ‘go to’ products to help my skin recover from Summer sun.


Before the summer started, I made sure to have a full supply of my must haves: Better Skin Mirakle Cream, Better Skin Gel Kleanse, and Better Skin Amaze Balm for my end of day routine after my adventures.


In true Southern California fashion, I have been traveling up and down the coast finding secluded beaches to get some much needed socially distant relaxation. The sun, the waves, the sand, all of it brings much needed reprise along with unwanted harsh environmental stressors that dry out my skin.

At the end of the day, my soul is calm and now I must calm and nourish my skin.  After a long day of beach adventures I treat my skin to a #betterskinadventure. I use my Better Skin Co Gel Kleanse to bring my dull skin back to life with its gentle and non-stripping formula that is boosted with charcoal to draw out impurities, unclog pores and remove dirt; and in this case, it also helps remove all the salt and sand from the beach. I use it all over my face and neck, but also over my shoulders and chest because Gel Kleanse isn’t just a face wash for me, it also serves as a body wash after the beach because of ingredients like Green Tea and Aloe that help calm, soothe, and hydrate my skin #multipurpose.


After that, I use my Better Skin Co Amaze Balm as an after-sun balm to hydrate and nourish my neck, shoulders, and back. It gives me that extra rich soothing feeling that I need after the sun, since it is loaded with coconut, avocado, sunflower, evening primrose, and sea buckthorn oil. And of course, I never forget to use my Better Skin Mirakle Cream to bring my face back to life with ingredients like coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, and cocoa butter.


Finding secluded stretches of paradise is my passion.  I can relax, unwind and take in nature – all while reenergizing.   Ending the day with my #betterskincoadventures routine is also my passion.  Self-care on the inside and out makes me happy.  Take care of yourself and I’ll see you at the beach with my #betterskinco in tow.


- Marc Miran

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