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My skin is so vibrant!!!

Vitamin C serum

Super great! Feels smooth and nice doesn’t make your skin oily or breakout! Feels like I’m adding an extra boost to my skin, also makes my makeup glide so nice and doesn’t slip!

Amazing cream!

This moisturizer is wonderful. It’s not greasy and leaves your face feeling smooth. I feel it is leaving my skin brighter. I will definitely buy this product again.

Lava Magik

Received Lava Magik as a prize during the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and I am loving it! I also got a small sample jar of Mirakle Cream and will definitely be ordering both! I love the way my skin feels!


This stuff really is a miracle in a jar! I don’t think my skin has ever looked this refreshed and glowing! I love it so much!

Simply Amazing!

I’ve been using Miracle Cream for over a year now. I received a sample of the Lava Magik with my last shipment. Simply, I fell in love! I quickly ordered a full size container along with the Epik C. For the first time in my life, I don’t mind someone seeing me without makeup. My skin looks and feels amazing!!!! I would also like to add that I have very sensitive skin. Most products cause me to break out..... my skin is completely clear! Love this company and their products!!!

Love this product

Reduces redness overnight, the best spot treatment I've ever used!


Love it.

Another great product from TBSC

No surprise, I love the serum too. Unlike a typical dimethicone serum, this has a light aloe consistency that tightens the skin as it dries. It layers really well under makeup and doesn’t ball up when it’s rubbed. The appearance of my skin seems to look brighter. Finish with the Mirakle Cream and you’re good to go!

Best Skin Cream I have used in my LIFE

When Mirakle Cream hit the market, I got it. I spent years of selling, promoting and using a high end, expensive skin care line before Mirakle Cream joined my regimen. The moment I put the Mirakle on my face, there was no turning back. This is literally the best moisturizer I have used in the 40 years I have been using moisturizers on my face. I am 51 years old and so often people do not believe my age, part of this is absolutely do to Mirakle Cream. I have a jar in my bathroom, a jar in my gym bag and a back up jar in my bedroom.

Almost everyone I know gets the Mirakle for a Holiday gift every year and the reaction I get is...I LOVE this product, thank you so much. It makes a great gift for any occasion or just because.

Try Epik C Serum also....your skin will love you for it.

Love the products

Started using the cream in my kit after reading reviews. My actors love it. I replaced my own moisturizer with it at home. I ordered like 5 more and got the scrub and serum. The scrub is as good as any microdermabrasion cream on the market. It is heavy duty. Use together and you’ll have really nice skin.


I have never had skin this amazing in all my life. Wish I had it as a teen.

Zit no more

It dried my skin out a lot! Way more than expected. It also made the zit leave an ugly mark for a while before it finally disappeared.

Used it a few times and it did the same to most areas.
Other than that I loved the idea of the product it also smelt good

Love it!

I started using it recently and the first thing I noticed is how my skin is more lively and fresh looking. Its a great product and im happy with the amount and quality in comparison with the price. Would purchase again!


This works great! I’ve been using straight tea Tree oil on my zits for awhile, but this blend works so much better! Helps dry up my zits much quicker.

can’t say enough good things about my serum

I’m so happy I got to try this, it’s safe to say I will never use anything else! I started seeing results instantly and i’ve been using it daily ever since!


Better Skin Epik C Vitamin C Serum

worth it!

i love it!! i use it as a scrub a few time a week and it has made my skin look a lot healthier and so much more smooth as well.

Mirakle Cream

Super hydration! I totally love it! Would recommend it 100 percent!

Great Product - Super Versatile!

I love taking this product with me traveling as it replaces so many items in my toiletry bag. Great quality and super efficient!


Better Skin Epik C Vitamin C Serum

I use it as a daily face scrub. It smells so good and my skin feels so light. Worth every penny

It's a mini-facial in a little bottle!

Great new product from Better Skin folks! First time using a Vitamin C serum with any regularity. Just a few drops tightens up my skin, which feels great. I've been using it in the morning and before bed...just before moisturizing...and feels like a great primer. The weather has been really dry this week too and my face doesn't feel dry like it normally would. Might need to add a few drops to my hand lotion!!!!


I have tried Vitamin C Serums before, but it left my skin looking greasy and I broke out. This product is not greasy yet I feel moisturized. I wear under my Mirakle Cream or sometime alone. I was already extremely happy how my skin looked with the cream and now my face looks brighter and younger. I swear I see my elevens between my eyes getting less visable. Will purchase again.

Serum review

I LOVE this product! I think my skin is firmer and smoother. I feel i look younger.

Love Epik C

Love the New Product, it instantly Smooths out my Face when I put it on and it Hydrates it as Well. Both the Serum and the Face Lotion have been a Great Combo in my Face not Drying up with the Weather Change.

Great product

Thick and sumptous texture feels great and leaves my skin feeling nourished and protected even after hours outside in smoggy LA air. Very rich and hydrating and you can definitely feel the tightening effect. After almost a month of using the serum I keep getting compliments on my skin, which I never did before!!

The best thing I have ever purchased

I am on my seventh mirakle cream. I also have all the other products and love them all.
I have had skin problems since I was a teenager. I have never found a moisturizer that didn’t break me out, but getting older I knew I need to continue on my hunt. I have spent a lot of money. I forget where I saw this and decided to give it a chance. My skin felt different the first day I tried it. By the second week I was admiring my skin. In a month my husband noticed my skin. If you know my husband I could get a crew cut and he wouldn’t notice. The vitamin c serum makes me look brighter.
Stocked up on Black Friday.
Thank you for producing an amazing product


Better Skin Mirakle Cream

Хороший крем

Мне 40 плюс, кожа чувствительная, нормальная,после 40 появилась склонность к сухости. Крем хорошо наносится, достаточно увлажняет, никакого вау-эффекта не заметила. Хорош для своей ценовой категории.

Amazing !

I am still reviewing all the products, but the ones I have tried so far I have LOVED. The moisturizer for my face made me feel so rejuvenated and had my face so smooth afterwards. I would love to use more of your products !

SUPER exfoliating mask!

I've used this product as both a cleanser and a mask, and it really does serve both purposes perfectly! A little goes a very long way, this product gets the job done with a dime-sized amount of product! This is definitely my new go-to exfoliator!

LOVE this product!

This is the perfect little skincare secret! It comes in a super convenient rollerball, and the tea tree oil quickly penetrates breakouts and helps clear up your skin quick. I love it!

Love it!!!

I received the Mirakle Cream in late September and I LOVE it!! It keeps my skin hydrated but never breaks me out! It works great under makeup and my clients (I'm a pro makeup artist) love it as well! They've actually bought it so they can keep using it too!


Absolutely OBSESSED with all of the products I've recived. Especially the Mirakle Cream!! The results I've been seeing in myself, my clients, and especially the photos of the editorials I've worked when using the cream, is unreal. I'm so in love!! Will be sending over pics soon!! Xoxo -Alex Flores {Elegance By Alex}

Great scrub and face wash!

This mask works great as a face wash and scrub, I use 2-3 times a week when my skin needs a little extra exfoliating. However, I don't use it as a mask because it leaves my skin stained pink. Would recommend if you want a good quality scrub that isn't too harsh on sentive skin!

AMAZING! So hydrating and calming!

I. Love. This. Product!!! This is my holy grail cream that keeps my skin looking on point and super glowy 24/7! This cream is the perfect mix between hydrating and toning, and has totally helped me on my perfect skin journey! Love this stuff!!!

Really is a Miracle Workers!

This is the first cream that I have used that really give your skin all over the repair. It helped even my skin tone and reduce my fine lines within just a few days. Plus, it is lightweight making it perfect for day and night use and doesn't cause me to break out. I highly recommend and I will definitely be purchasing again!

Great product!

Great product

Best Products I've Ever Used!

I haven't tried out too many different kinds of products for my face, but I have gone through a bunch of different types of face washes and a good amount of face creams and the Mirakle Cream is by far my favorite product. The first time I used it was right after my shower and I had just used the Lava Mask and it felt so light and refreshing unlike other products I've used that felt thick and heavy on my face. It has been slowly but surely improving my skin ever since I started using it and I plan on continuing to use this product! I love it!! Highly recommend

I love this product

Mirakle Cream is just the best. I love this moisturizer so much, and recommend it to all my friends.
It is food for the skin. Its perfect!

Loving the new Zit No More product!

I'm surprised at my "advanced" age that I would still be buying such a product, but for those flare ups, it's been a great product. It doesn't over dry my skin, nor leave a trace, so can use in the daytime...and smells great! Since I've been using the product, I've seen an over all reduction in breakouts as well, which is awesome. I'm also not mad that my son is stealing it to use too! Just need to order him his own...on my next order.


I have acne problems. This is the only thing that will clear my face up in a couple of days. Will be repurchasing again and again.


The BEST!!

Best Lotion Ever.

I received a sample of the Mirakle Skin Cream in a monthly subscription box and this is the only lotion I’ve used ever since. It really is a miracle and makes my skin so smooth and hydrated. I have combination skin and I have never seen such an improvement as when I started using this product.

Best product

My skins has never been better


Good skin product


I've been working and traveling lately which of course comes accompanied by a high level of STRESS which equals = BREAKOUTS. Needless to say I had two visitors on my chin and forehead, I rolled over some of this beauty and in a few hours they were practically GONE!!! Not only does this stuff actually work, it smells amazing, I want to use it zit or no zit as I know the essential oils have many more benefits then accounted for and the aroma coming from them also makes me feel awake and refreshed. Can't stop raving about this product! I should also mention I have sensitive skin / eczema and this did not dry my skin out not even a little!

great product!

I had reconstructive and since have had issues with moisturizers and face creams doing the opposite of their claim.. since using Mirakle cream, my skin tone is bright and even, the combination dry/ oily skin are gone and the scarring is now barely noticable. Thank you!!

Wonderful product!

A little goes a long way, my skin is so much healthier!!!