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The best Serum EVER!!

I have been using Epik C for a few months now. I visited some friends I had not seen in a couple of month, they could not stop going on and on about how great my skin looks. The overall tone and texture of my skin is better, my skin looks more even and I have a natural glow all of the time. It is FANTASTIC!!

Face must have

This stuff is magic! It's smells so good and makes my face feel super soft! I love it!!


It works truly like magic. I had a hugeeeeee zit on my forehead. It was a pain in the butt and was giving me such a headache. I applied some and by the end of the day it was slowly getting better. I think it was the tea tree oil ingredient that helps it. This stuff really works and recommend to anyone that gets zits like me!!!

Moisturizing But Not Long Lasting

This moisturizing cream is really lightweight and the scent isn't strong by any means. The only downside to this i'd say is the moisturizing isn't long lasting. I've applied this numerous times just to feel like my skin was tight and needed more moisture 45 minutes to an hour later. This may work really well on someone who already has oily skin, I have combination.

A Magik must have!

This product is truly Magik! I use this nightly in the shower as a cleanser from the day on my face and neck and it has been a game changer. It hydrates, cleanses and makes my skin feel super smooth. The awesome thing is it rocks in the outdoor elements of dry skin, too much sun or sweat, it beats it all. A must have!

Soothing and hydrating

Miracle Cream is soothing and hydrating to the skin and with its velvety texture gives my skin a dose of softness, comfort and rejuvenation.

Love it !!

I got the Lava Magik cleanser scrub and mask and tried it a couple times and love the results . I have sensitive skin and i didn’t get any reactions to this product . It also smells good and a small bottle can last ! I will def use this product again .

Perfect remedy for a break out!

This was the perfect remedy for a breakout. It's easy to roll on and it smells like tea tree oil. The packaging is nice too because you can carry it anywhere. Will definitely keep using it!

Great product

My wife and love the product. We have incorporated it into our skincare routine. The scrub smells good and is not irritating at all. I would definitely recomend this product.

Is this really MY skin?

I’m crazy about Lava Magic! The scrubbing action exfoliates while the essential oils calm. I don’t know how this combination works so perfectly together but my skin feels amazing! It’s so soft to the touch and glows while it drinks in moisturizer rather than just sitting on the surface. SO happy with this and just a FYI a little goes a LONG way.

Excellent Purchase

I started using this cream couple of weeks ago now and love it. It leaves a fabulous feeling on my skin without feeling heavy or clogged. I have tried several creams before but this is the best I have tried. I will definitely be re ordering and price is well worth it.

Quickly became one on my favorites!

I love this product so much! I love that its versatile but my favorite way to use it is the mask. I have fairly oily skin and I feel like this sucks all of the excess oil out without drying my skin out. I also looooove that it exfoliates when I wash it off. Highly recommend this product!

Redhead approved!

I love this cream, I discovered it through the How to be a red head box and it is by far the best thing I have ever received form that monthly subscription. It always feels great, doesn't irritate my insanely finicky skin and thankfully has no scent. I cannot tell you how man allergy issues I have had just due to scented items. I love this stuff and would recommend to everyone.

Great product

Love it

Very Good!!

I love these products, thankyou you made my skin happy

Good Stuff

Works well. A little goes a long way.

Miracle cream

It really does make my skin feel and look better!

I absolutely love these product

Lava Magic is amazing, leaves my skin feeling so clean but not dy. I love the epic c serum, it really tightens the skin without feeling annoying

Amazing as expected

Bought it for my wife. She loves it! I even started using it myself. Excellent product!

People have commented on the difference

I won't lie. I have nice skin. At age 45, I look at minimum, 10 years younger, and quite often, I still get mistaken as a young woman in my 20s.

While I am happy with how my skin looks, I find that the wear of the city dries it out. I started using Better Skin a month ago, and there has been a noticeable change in the quality of my skin. It just looks younger; fresher. My colleague noted the change and asked what I had been using on my skin. I was happy to refer her to your company! Thanks for the great product, which is affordable for the quality and results you get.

love it

my husband and I are both using it. feel very good and healthy. I already notice a positive change in my skin

HG Product

The clear formula smells of relaxing tea tree oil as it absorbs quickly into the skin and can be worn under makeup.
Well I don't have acne prone skin but sometimes they seem to say hi to me.. This one comes to my rescue then!!

What you will love about it,
Works Fast
Absorbs quickly
Starts drying out the blemishes quickly
Skin doesn't dry out

It works good for me :)


My daughter has very bad eczema on her face and upper body and this is the only cream that she has used that doesn't irritate it and actually helped clear it up. Most creams she has used are usually too thick and can't be used on her face because then she gets an acne breakout but this she applied to her face and all it does is moisturize her skin without causing breakouts. Also, no other cream she has used helps her eczema but this and within a couple of uses her eczema was GONE!! I love that this doesn't have steroids in it and is natural. I just wish this came in a larger size, a 2 oz jar doesn't last long with her body covered in eczema.


This Scrub is AWESOME !!! It is Tough Yet Gentle !!!
It scrubs away everything that does not belong on your face and neck and leaves your skin refined and - GLOWING - I love that it can also be used as a 10 minute mask - It is My Go 2 - Especially on Mondays and Fridays !!! I can always count on it to polish me up quickly !!!

Good cream, marginal customer service.

My order looked like it had been opened. I contacted customer service. They said they would replace the item. That was over a month ago. Very disappointed.