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This Scrub is AWESOME !!! It is Tough Yet Gentle !!!
It scrubs away everything that does not belong on your face and neck and leaves your skin refined and - GLOWING - I love that it can also be used as a 10 minute mask - It is My Go 2 - Especially on Mondays and Fridays !!! I can always count on it to polish me up quickly !!!

Good cream, marginal customer service.

My order looked like it had been opened. I contacted customer service. They said they would replace the item. That was over a month ago. Very disappointed.

Perfect Moisturizer

I have really dry skin. What I love about this moisturizer is that it hydrates mt skin very well without making if feel oily and greasy. It absorbs well too. It also doesn't smell like anything - no bothersome perfume scent or anything. It smells nice and clean. I use this cream both in the day, under make up and at night. I love it and I will definitely keep on using it!

Miracle Cream

Wonderful moisturizer

Awesome Product

This is my second bottle. I can feel the tightening of my skin when applied. Love Love Love!!!

Fantastic Product!!

My skin is more even and the overall fresh looking. The product is light and smells clean and fresh. I noticed a more glowing and fresh looking complexion within about a week.

Best Spot Treatment

One of the best spot treatments I've used. I would apply this on at night and the my blemish/pimple would either come to the top very quickly or disappear. Depending on blemish it would be gone in 1-3 days. The tea tree oil is a bit strong but didn't really bother me much. Also very easy to apply. Just roll on and it dries on the skin quickly. No need to have colored dots on your face. I didn't experience any drying. Very effective & one of the best I've tried.

Skin care products

I really like the smell and feeling of the scrub, however it stains my sink and leaves a film that I have to clean each time. The lotion is very nice and lasts a long time! I also really like the smell of the zip zapper.

Actually works

I love how this product goes along way. So easy to use when I see a pimple pop up. Just a quick roll on and I’m done. But you should really use it when you see a white head come out first


It’s a great product just have to use it sparingly for my overly sensitive skin

Great acne product

I love this stick because it makes applying tea tree oil less messy and it’s super effective. Minimizes the look and severity of pimples over night but can make you sensitive.

Good product

Really good product I use it when I get acne (haven’t gotten it recently) but the smell is so strong :/ but other then the smell really easy to apply and good!!!


The Perfect Set of Amazing Skincare Products

Mirakle Cream
I Love this Clean White “Unscented” Skincare Cream
Color Free and Scent Free - Light and Still Beautifully Hydrating Perfect for all skin types - including sensitive skin

This Scrub is a Fine Textured Red Lava Scrub that can also be used as a 10 min Mask
It Scrubs away everything that should not be on your face -
Leaves My Face Glowing !!!

I Love this C Serum - It Keeps My Face Hydrated and Moisturized - Feels Rich & Smooth Going On - It Has Truly Refined My Skin

super hydrating, skin tightening, reduces the appearance of fine lines w plant-based technology - I Highly Recommend These Products - They are easy to work into your every day skincare routine - My Skin Loves It !!!

Nice product

Great for using on my hands and face, a good thickness without being heavy

The best scrub ever

Lava Magik is a multi tasker and you all know how much I love multi taskers. Not only is it a mask but it’s also a cleanser and a scrub. Three for the price of one.

This all-natural, magical orange-scented potion which contains volcanic lava. It Buffs away dead skin cells creating the appearance of a more youthful looking glow

I enjoy using it as a mask-scrub the most. I apply this as a mask, leave on for 5 mins and then massage it gently creating exfoliation which ultimately leaves my skin healthy and radiant.


The ont thing that drew me to this product was that it was versatile & the scent. It smells like an orange peel but more subtle. The texture is fine and not harsh on the skin. I first used it as a mask and it didn't get hard like other masks and didnt make my skin feel tight or dry after washing it off. Plus it was easy to remove . When I used it as a scrub, it wasnt harsh on my skin and left it so soft afterwards. As a cleanser is was refreshing and made me skin look and feel god afterwards. I like that it comes with a little spatula to scoop out of the jar. Definitely a fan of Lava Magik, my skin looked healthy and love that it has ingredients that help my skin stay that way.


This scrub smells SO good and is actually so fun to use! I love the color, too, which helps. Definitely great for exfoliating and amazing as a mask!

Love this cream!

This cream is amazing! Lightweight, moisturizes super well, not too heavy at all. Definitely a must have and I looove using it.

Great all in one !!

The Lava Magik is a versatile product that can be used in so many different ways. Because I have very sensitive skin, I use it as a mask once or twice a week. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and helps keep my skin clear. I love how there are only clean ingredients without a ton of junk in the mask . It's a great treatment for my skin !

Great mask

I really loved the mask. It can be a bit abrasive on my overly sensitive skin and I’m not a fan of the smell but it does a great job!

A great mask!

I love this product because it’s so versatile. You can use it as a mask or just exfoliating. It leaves your skin feeling clean abs soft, it gently removes dead skin so you don’t need to scrub hard. It has no strong smell and doesn’t make your skin burn or anything when used as a mask. Highly recommend especially for the price!

Love it!

First, I love the orange scent. This product takes off all the dead skin.


Made my skin feel sooo soft and amazing ughhh and smells so good

Favorite moisturizer!!

This moisturizer is the BEST. It's incredibly effective and cured the horrible dry skin patches I used to get.

Highly recommend!

I love it all.

I can't believe how affordable and amazing each and every single one of these products is. Thank you for making amazing skincare. You don't need to break the bank taking care of your skin ever again!!

It Really Is A Mirakle!!

This lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer keeps me hydrated all day. I was a little skeptical at first when I rubbed it in because it was leaving streaks but the trick is to press it in to the skin! It feels cool and fresh, almost like your skin is drinking a tall glass of water. I'm half way through! This stuff is amazing. Will be purchasing again!


he great combination of ingredients is what makes the cream miraculous. " Coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe, and soothing algae to help moisturize the skin. Peptides and hyaluronic acid help skin appear smoother, more youthful and radiant. "

Rich in ingredients, the cream looks thick but is light on the skin. I wear it underneath my makeup for whole day and I don't feel anything heavy on my skin at all. ❤️
I really cannot talk on the anti-aging part now because to show the signs its gonna take time. But I can definitely say that it floods my skin with all the nutrients it needs!


This stuff is great but it smells really strong. I use it at night to help with pimples. Good spot treatment!

Amazing product

Leaves your skin super soft like a baby’s bottom, literally!!


I am absolutely obsessed with this, I’ve always had oily skin and struggled finding a moisturizer that helped with that and this honestly helps so much my skin never feels dry and it looks young glowing and fresh all the time

Smooth & plump

I've been using this cream for almost a month now and have been using it day and night. My skin has felt so soft and smooth all day. I like that it comes with a little spatula so it helps keep it more sanitary and it stays put so you are less likely to lose it. The cream absorbs nicely into the skin and doesn't feel greasy or tacky. My make up goes on smoothly and doesn't pill. It keeps my skin moisturized , smooth, soft all day. I use it as night and my skin looks and feel great in the morning. Love this cream!

I liked the product.

Overall, the product was great, but the price...not so much.

instagram @emmajjackman

had a giveaway on my instagram, @emmajjackman because i love these products so much!

Perfect traveling skin care products!!!

I absolutely love this brand. I took this to Bermuda I had a bit if break outs due to my travel and zit no more worked out perfectly. I also loved having the lava mask as a freshener after my shower my skin never felt so clean and smooth. The cream works miracles literally I love that it leaves my skin smooth and glowing! I am do happy with this brand that i so excited they have it in ulta! I can easily just go pick it up!

Amazing skincare!

I absolutely love my order. My skin feels SO clean and light after I exfoliate. The moisturizer is amazing too!

So good!

One of the mosh luxurious creams I‘ve had in a long time! Smells amazing and very fresh, light, doesn‘t clog my pores and keeps my skin super bouncy! Love!


Great product!! Very moisturizing and hydrating I love it!!! And so light weight! I have dry skin so this is the best thing ever!! I need more


I cannot day enough good things about this brand! Seriously the best skincare products, for such an affordable price!

Food for the skin

This face mask scrub smells really great and easy to use. My skin feels new and soft after using it, just leave it for about 5-10 mins. I recommend it!

Would recommend!

I really like the grittiness of this product and how I can feel it really getting in there and cleaning my pores out. It was a little harsh on my skin as a mask, so I prefer to use it as a scrub/exfoliate. It also smells amazing!!

Genius product!

I absolutely love this product! The smell is just so fresh and nice, I want to use it all the time even when I don’t have a zit!


While i was traveling to Seattle i brought this set along with me to use at night. My skin is acne prone and it’s super hard for me to find a good cream or spot treatment to help me with my acne. After using this a few nights I noticed my skin looking very nice. My pimples shrunk down and my skin looked great.


This product is amazing! I can’t wait to try the others!

Amazing Skincare

I love their lava mask as a gentle scrub and their zit no more ACTUALLY works
it's nice to have all these in a kit

Great Product

I’m going to replace what I used to use for this cream. It’s super light weight and keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day long. I don’t go out or put makeup on without it now. I haven’t been breakout prone since I’ve began using this product and my face is smooth and radiant. The product does not have a chemical or lotion smell like most creams which I love because i feel like the scent from others break me out. I love this cream and will continue using it. Recommend to anyone!!!

Helpful and luxurious!

This cream broke out my skin at first, but I decided to try and keep using it. Over time my skin has adjusted and it’s my nightly face cream now!

Great product!

I love this product. Not only is it hydrating but it's super lightweight as well. I use it morning and night as a moisturizer or an alternative for my other serums. Furthermore, I've definitely noticed that my skin has gotten smoother and more radiant as time goes on. Would definitely buy again!

Love it!

Love this product! I use it for spot treatment, and it works so well!

Wonderful product!

I have been extremely happy with the Mirakle Cream from this company. I have been using it primarily for the hands and around my eyes as an eye cream. Both uses work very well and keep my fussy skin hydrated and super soft. I recommend it to anyone that needs more moisture. It’s not heavily fragranced and doesn’t feel greasy at all!

Vitamin C Serum

Love it! Can't wait for more product, especially for dry skin!