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Excellent products

I love all your products. The Lava Mask is probably my favorite. I use the moisturizers daily. I have been using your products for a couple years and I love them.

Mirakle Cream

Love, love, love! Is helping with dryness on my neck.

I love this!

I absolutely adore the zit no more! It helps with break outs quickly, it even helped with hormonal break out! FANTASTIC!!

Amazing texture

I was a little worried that this "balm" would be too heavy for my skin, even though I'm battling a dry spell. I didn't need to worry. This is highly moisturizing, yet it feels light and fluffy. It's like giving my skin a fresh drink of water. It has a fresh scent, but not oppressive and not irritating. I haven't broken out from this moisturizer, and my skin is soft and smooth. This is great for elbows and any other spots of dry skin.


I love this product! I am older (60's) and this cream is so perfect for my sensitive skin! My face and neck feel better moisturized than anything I have used in years and I am so hooked! My skin has taken on a new glow! Great product!!

Great multi-purpose scrub

I’ve used the scrub for several months and love it, but a recent beach trip showed me how versatile it is. After spending a few hours at the beach, covered in sunscreen, this scrub is perfect to help wash off salt, sand, and sunscreen and leave skin smooth and clean.


This has become my go-to moisturizer because it’s literally MAGIC in a jar! It absorbs quickly but doesn’t disappear into nothingness either and I love that about it. Any areas of redness isinstantly reduced and I’m left with HAPPY skin all day :) Definitely would recommend to EVERYONE including people with sensitive skin


The Better Skin Co. Better Skin MIRAKLE CREAM Comes in a 60ml/2 fl oz. jar with a cute little spatula to get product out of jar. It's a one-stop, skin loving, problem solving, all purpose cream. This ingredient rich cream is imported from the Republic of Uzbekistan and handcrafted in the USA with love and has many wonderful skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, sea buckthorn, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe and soothing algae to help moisturize the skin. The Peptides and hyaluronic acid in cream helps revitalize skins outer layers, build collagen, diminish ages spots due to sun damage and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's Lightweight and smells so heavenly!! After using this cream your skin will feel softer, smoother, more hydrated and your complexion will have a beautiful healthy glow. It's perfect for both men & women and it works great for all skin types. I Highly Recommend you give it a try you will definitely not be disappointed!! I Give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐++ Stars!!!

Great serum for my skin

I super love the Vitamin C Serum for my skin. I love the glowness and its super fast absorbing on the skin. I also love how my skin get gets firm while using it. Really great for ani aging!!

Face scrub and mirakle cream

Love the scrub the smell is amazing and leaves your skin super soft and clean. The cream is just as amazing as the scrub leaves skin soft but not oily whatsoever. Thank you

Zit no More is an excellent product! Stops blemishes faster than any other product I’ve used.

My skin drinks this up!

This is one of the best serums ever. And think i have tried at least 50! Epik C goes on, it goes in, my skin drinks it up and then literally looks ten years younger. It's so incredible. Sometimes, I put the regular Mirakle cream over it but that isn't even necessary as the serum has hydrating properties in and of itself. Thank you for creating a product that actually DOES SOMETHING.

Multi-Purpose Cream

I love that I can use this balm on my face and my feet. Living in the desert my skin becomes dry so quickly and this balm does an amazing job of hydrating my skin. I also love the citrus scent!


I like the way this product smells and the way it feels. It does take a bit to absorb into my skin though, but it is an oil so I expect that. I'm not sure if I see any difference in my face yet, and I use it pretty consistently, but I did go about a week and a half without it, so hoping to see results soon =]


this is a life saver a must have in your makeup kit or skin care collection my skin has never been so soft and hydrated also tip for my guys use this after wards to prevent razor burn

A true balm for the skin

This is a true balm for skin—hydrating and healing for dry skin—but more than a moisturizer it smooths and rejuvenates—a great night cream with a citrus scent. Another winner from The Better Skin Company!

Best beauty oil ever

This is the best beauty oil I have ever used—I use it at night and wake up to glowing and more even skin—I have already ordered a second bottle to travel with—not a product I want to run out of and it has a very soft ginger scent—a lovely product all around!

Great serum

I love this serum—smoothing and hydrating and seems to balance and calm my skin. I look forward to using all the Better Skin products I’ve purchased.


I'm 34 and this product has done wonders for my acne prone skin. My skin had never looked so smooth clear and healthy. Thank you!

Great Light Moisture

I was introduced to this cream a year ago and I really like it .. love that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals from sun screens and it is the perfect night moisture. It has peptides that help with the fine lines especially along the upper lip and it doesn't have a bad taste if you get it on your lips...
I'm hooked


after using your product my skin felt smooth and lush. I actually think I see less wrinkle lines (unless its wishful thinking) I absolutely love the product


I love this product. I use it as a scrub in the shower and it makes my face feel polished. It smells really good and natural. I love the texture and I feel like you don't need to use so much so the jar will last you.

The best Serum EVER!!

I have been using Epik C for a few months now. I visited some friends I had not seen in a couple of month, they could not stop going on and on about how great my skin looks. The overall tone and texture of my skin is better, my skin looks more even and I have a natural glow all of the time. It is FANTASTIC!!

Face must have

This stuff is magic! It's smells so good and makes my face feel super soft! I love it!!


It works truly like magic. I had a hugeeeeee zit on my forehead. It was a pain in the butt and was giving me such a headache. I applied some and by the end of the day it was slowly getting better. I think it was the tea tree oil ingredient that helps it. This stuff really works and recommend to anyone that gets zits like me!!!