The Reasons You Should Use Vegan And Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

The Reasons You Should Use Vegan And Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Women often take pride in their collection of lipsticks and eye colors as well as high-quality serums and lotions. But have you ever tried to stop and think about the effects of those beauty items? As you may not know, cosmetics have been mostly tested on animals before.


With tons of cosmetics produced each year, animals are the victims of the cosmetics industry because they are used for cosmetics testing. However, with the green lifestyle trend increasingly spreading, many brands have opened up a future for the eco-friendly cosmetics industry. This has a very important meaning to the biological system as well as the safety of your own health.


The good news is all of The Better Skin Co. products are Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, made in the USA, and especially Cruelty-Free. The Better Skin Co. focuses on clean, multi-tasking formulations that mix natural and organic ingredients guaranteed. Let's discover with The Better Skin Co. reasons you should use vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics today.

Use cosmetics that are not tested on animals

The ethical beauty movement is spreading widely around the world. Many cosmetics brands are abandoning tests on animals to meet the trend of green cosmetics and sustainable business. Cosmetic products that are not animal-tested will be labeled “cruelty-free”. This certification means that the product is not animal tested, the materials used are not animal tested, there is no third party on the behalf of the company performing animal testing and the company is not testing. animal product testing, even if required by law.


Do not use cosmetics in animal testing to demonstrate humanity, protect the environment and ensure your health when using.

Demonstrating humanity

The vegan community never uses products related to animal, not even cosmetics. For that reason, they will not use products that are tested on animals. Because it is considered inhumane act and torture of animals.


Although this is only an emotional and emotional aspect, not specifically expressed in terms of material benefits, it is a good idea to limit the number of animals killed by experiments. Buying such cosmetic products will deliver mental benefits for healing is more important than any medicine.

Environmental Protection

The chemicals commonly used in animal testing products are not only harmful to those who use them on the skin, but also to the environment. Chemicals for each test leave harmful waste accumulating in the environment. Among the consequences of these tests, the handling of carcasses is also a heavy burden on the environment. Instead, go for more natural ingredients, which are the better choice for humans and the planet.


Therefore, one of the next benefits of using "cruelty - free" cosmetics are being environmentally friendly, creating a clean and safe environment for the community.

Commitment to safe ingredients 

The brand's commitment not to use animals for testing means that it are committed to safe and highly benign ingredients. Consumers will no longer worry about harmful substances that will accumulate over time in the body because the health assurance for users when using natural products is committed from the beginning.


As consumer awareness rises, cosmetic brands are forced to give up on inhumane testing if they want to survive and thrive. Changing brand orientation to please consumers will lead to a good world for people - animals - the environment.


Currently, on the market there are many brands supporting "cruelty - free". The Better Skin Company is one of the leading brands in the sustainability business campaign with cosmetics that do not test on animals. This will be the perfect choice for girls who love beauty but still strive for a green spirit.

You can completely believe in The Better Skin Co. that they follow the Whole Foods Clean Label List. They leave out any ingredients that are unworthy of clean products. They post all ingredients on their website and include an ingredient dictionary for your further clarification.

Final words

When choosing cosmetics, instead of before you used to choose according to your preferences, you have now switched to buying cosmetics products from businesses that perform well in protecting the environment. Little support like yours will create a big responsible consumer community, protect animals, and be environmentally friendly.

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