These 7 Anti-Pollution Products Will Protect Your Skin Against Premature Aging

You’re already covered when it comes to SPF, but let’s talk about a skin care regimen that goes one step further by protecting your precious dermis from the environment. From free radicals — those pesky unpaired atoms that wreak havoc on your skin — to grimy urban pollutants and airborne toxins, which have been shown to break down collagen and damage skin’s DNA, your complexion could use a warrior that puts up a fight on your behalf. Today we’re showcasing seven awesome anti-pollution products that were formulated to do precisely that, so get your virtual shopping carts ready.

The Better Skin Co Better Skin Super Shield ($38;

If you’re in the market for a multitasking face serum, The Better Skin Co. has your back (or would that be face?) with their Better Skin Super Shield. It’s formulated with some of today’s trendiest ingredients, including turmeric and aloe vera, as well as white horehound, henna, and pearl powder. All work together to seriously hydrate while shielding your skin from, as the brand says, “environmental nasties.”



Repost from Glam on 02/12/20.

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