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Everyone LOVES Better Skin! The Better Skin Co. is clean products developed for all people with one goal in mind - simplify your routine. Our multipurpose base of products are a worldwide hit led by Better Skin Mirakle Cream and Better Skin LAVA Magik.
Better Skin Mirakle Cream is a day cream, night cream, eye cream and brighter all in one.
Better Skin Lava Magik is a cleanser, scrub and/or mask.
Better Skin Epik C Serum tightens, brightens and protects.
Better Skin Zit No More works on Zits, bug bites and ingrown hair.
We follow the whole foods clean label guidelines. We are for all people. We are multipurpose.

Cruelty Free
Made in the USA
Paraben Free
Clean Formulas
Award Winning
See us on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Zoe Report, Refinery 29, SheFInds, New Beauty and a host of other great partners.


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