Step By Step Instructions for our Loyalty Program

 1. To find the rewards program, click on the black rewards program tab to the right of your screen. You can always go back to this tab if you lose your place.
2. Create an account if you do not have one. If you have a current account, simply log in through the rewards tab where it says, Create an Account, Sign In.
3. On the rewards pop up, click on the Earn Tab, easily earn a variety of extra points. Follow the prompts as you scroll down and watch the points add up. Try to get an additional 100 points!
4. On the Referral Tab, earn points by sharing your 25% off code with friends. You can also use the 25% off code for yourself.
5. On the Claim Tab, see the rewards you will earn. Big money, no whammies!
6. Next to your name at the top of the rewards program, you will find the menu bar. Review the My Lifetime Points tab and ensure that you have maximized your points.
7. Start shopping and spend those rewards!