• It is a way for people to make money! You must love our brand, love beauty, be social and like to have fun. If this is you, then this is a great opportunity for you to get the word out about The Better Skin Co. and the great products you love. The bonus is that you earn money and your friends, family and acquaintances receive great discounts. Tap into your social network and anyone else who will listen to you, and tell them about how to have better skin with The Better Skin Co.


      • Whenever a visitor to our site inputs your exclusive ambassador code we provide the system will recognize the visitor as being referred by you. If a purchase is made, you will be credited with 10% commission of the sale*. Your referrals will either be able to get your discount code percentage off of their purchase or the best promotional discount that is happening at the time of purchase.


      1. All Brand Ambassadors (BA) will function in their capacity as Independent Contractors (IC). BA will not be an employee of The Better Skin Co (TBSC) and cannot pose as such.

      2. BA cannot manipulate company photography without approval.

      3. BA cannot ‘lift’ retailer photography/promotions from their sites or use the verbiage SALE when posting promotions.

      4. BA cannot compare retailer and company promotions to dissuade their client from support in a retail partner or reference retailers in any type of advertising unless approved by TBSC.

      5. BA cannot guarantee product results or claims that are not company approved.

      6. BA must follow the 100% money back guarantee of TBSC and other policies.

      7. BA cannot manipulate shipping prices.

      8. BA cannot promote a gift with purchase that is not approved by TBSC.

      9. BA cannot create competing social media pages.

      10. BA cannot violate any "do not call" or "spam" email rules or laws.

      11. BA do not get commissions on shipping & handling, on sales taxes, nor on your own orders.

      12. BA are paid commission on sales after all discounts are taken out.

      13. Multiple discounts cannot be used at the same time, as the system will not process them.  If a product is on promotion and already set at a markdown, the client can then enter the code for the additional discount.

      14. We will take care of all order process, credit card validation, billing, payment, shipping, and any customer service needs associated with the order.

      15. There will be a small administration fee applied to each BA monthly.

      16. BA or any clients may not sell products on AMAZON or any other website

      17. As an independent contractor, BA is responsible for all taxes and expenses incurred